Dear curious visitor,

I [human, 1988] am a Trans-Disciplinary Researcher, Audio-Visual Artist, Futurologist and Philosopher from Amsterdam, part of the Dutch National ThinkTank.

I play with our present from a future perspective. Intrigued by the human tension between sensual experience and rationality – between senses and systems – I create and discuss meaning through the experimental use of media and methods. (i.e.: Dreaming like an Alien)

Often collaboratively, I design situations, philosophize in/through audio-visual media, compose experiences, enable questions, imagination, perspectives and possibilities. I experiment and explore with audiences, musicians, actors, politicians, journalists, entrepreneurs, researchers and robots. (Listen to robot-choir in my short-film on robo-empathy: Robot o Robot, teaser)

My main media are audiovisual installations, films, ‘settings’ and theatrical ‘procedures’ : such as playful collective rituals, or interactive futuristic scenes in hybrid realities like IVF-X: a fertility clinic for post-human offspring in virtual reality. My practice is fundamentally hybrid, combining analog and digital media, physical and virtual presence, analytical and sensual modes of understanding. See for example more about De Achtste Dag/The Eighth Day at Frascati Theater or read the review ‘Serata Futurista 2.0‘ by L. de Groen.

These (interactive) ‘settings’ often interweave the sensual and philosophical. They naturally or explicitly integrate reality and fiction, hypothesis and action, present and future. They make audiences go back and forth between sensing, thinking and being.

Last but not least, I am a freelance consultant on the future (of work, education, technology, HR, culture and innovation) and Action Researcher + Teamcoach at CrossOver. Consulting in private and public sector, i.e. the dutch government: Consulting Minister Bussemaker (OCW) concerning life long learning. Combining analytical and creative skills I analyze, consult and coach companies as well as teams for innovation & strategy.

Educated as scientist, artist and philosopher at:

The University Of Amsterdam (2008-2011, Specialized in Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Sciences), Rietveld School of Art & Design (2011-2015 specialized in AudioVisual Arts), The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art (NYC, 2014, Scholarship).

Trained by the Dutch National ThinkTank in 2016 (Independent ThinkTank), Training by McKinsey & Company + Andersson Elffers Felix + THNK School of Creative Leadership, amongst others)

Currently: Graduate Researcher at the Master of Film, the Netherlands Filmacademy (2017-2020).

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